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'you will regret it,' judge said

By unknown | Jul 10, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

A police inspector yesterday identified Judge Nkola Motata's voice saying "You will regret it" when officers tried to arrest him after he had crashed his car into a residential security wall, allegedly while drunk.

"I remember that. It was Baba Motata," Inspector Frieda Ramafemo told the Johannesburg magistrate's court.

"He said that when the two male officers handcuffed him. He said: 'You will regret it'," Ramafemo told the court.

Motata allegedly threatened the policemen after the night-time crash in Johannesburg .

Metro police officer Inspector Daniel Madibo said that when the judge had refused to get out of his car, he had said to him: "What kind of an old man are you who does not want to think?"

Sixteen pictures and several sound clips were taken by businessman Richard Baird after Motata, a Pretoria high court judge, had crashed his car into the wall of Baird's house.

But none of the four officers who were at the scene knew that their every move was being recorded. The accuracy of the recordings was questioned when a transcribed statement did not reflect what was on the sound clip.

Two Metro police officers testified that they had not seen the pictures nor heard the recordings until yesterday.

During cross-examination, Madibo admitted that he had difficulty remembering because he had had a car accident soon after the Motata incident and could not recognise Baird in court.

A third Metro police officer could not make it to court yesterday because she is recovering from an operation.

The trial continues.


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