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New tough scheme for bad drivers is launched

By unknown | Jul 04, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Siyabonga Africa

Siyabonga Africa

The Road Traffic Management Corporation this week launched the Administrative Adjudication of Traffic Offences Act in Pretoria.

The corporation said the Act would introduce a demerit system where drivers with three offences would have their licences withdrawn. They would then have to apply for the driver's licence from scratch.

In a statement, the corporation's chief executive, Ranthoko Rakgoale, said the system would be rolled out nationally at the beginning of next year.

He said the system would see drivers being given a predetermined number of demerits depending on the offence. If the number of points exceeded 12 then that driver would be banned from driving for a number of months.

Rakgoale said should a driver be disqualified three times then that driver would have the licence permanently revoked.

He or she would have to apply for a learner's licence after the disqualification period.


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