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Pastor 'ripped off' by companies

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Church leader Nonqaba Mosunkuthu has vowed to fight Motor Finance Corporation and Regent Insurance "until the bitter end".

Church leader Nonqaba Mosunkuthu has vowed to fight Motor Finance Corporation and Regent Insurance "until the bitter end".

She said the companies continued to debit her account when she no longer had vehicle finance or insurance with them.

Mosunkuthu's car was "written off" after it had been hijacked, but she said that the two companies continued to debit her account and now refuse to refund her money.

Mosunkuthu said that when she took out her policy with Regent Insurance, she wanted to make sure that she was covered in the event that she had an accident or was hijacked.

"Besides it would have been unwise not to have insurance," said Mosunkuthu.

On March 30 Mosunkuthu's vehicle was hijacked by thugs at gunpoint.

Her daughter was driving the car at the time of the incident.

Mosunkuthu said she reported the incident to the police and to the insurance company minutes after her daughter was hijacked.

She said that nine days later the insurance company agreed to settle her claim for R55030, but did not.

She said this delay resulted in Motor Finance Corporation debiting her account for a further two months.

But Motor Finance Corporation has denied receiving the two instalments, and are willing to refund one instalment.

Mosunkuthu said the company continued to debit her account after the hijacking and told her that they could not trace the settlement amount that her insurance had paid on April 9.

Mosunkuthu believes that Motor Finance Corporation and Regent Insurance unfairly enriched themselves at her expense.

"This is really messing up my monthly budget. My understanding is that an insurance company cannot accept premiums after a car has been written off.

She said Motor Finance Corporation has deducted more than R6246 from her account since April.

This amount includes the premium and the monthly instalment, she said.

But, Veronica Shezi, a team leader for Motor Finance Corporation's claims department, denied this. She said Regent Insurance did not settle the claim in April, after they had been given a settlement amount.

Shezi said: "We received the insurance payment on May 27 for R58638. This settlement included the April instalment.

"Regent had made the payment without a client reference number and it was only when we followed up on the payment that they informed us that it was made," Shezi said.

She said that the settlement amount they had quoted in April was valid for a month.

"We received R3136, of which interest of R714 was due and the client will be refunded R2420," Shezi said.

Stefano Vincenzo Persi of Regent Insurance is investigating Mosunkuthu's complaint.

He apologised for the inconvenience they had caused Mosunkuthu.

"Thank you for the time and effort taken to inform our department. It is with the cooperation of valued clients such as Pastor Mosunkuthu that we are able to identify possible improvement areas in our organisation. At this juncture, I would also like to apologise for any inconvenience caused"

"I am investigating the matter, and as soon as any adequate feedback is available, you will be informed accordingly."


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