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Gran gets life for boss' killing

By unknown | Jun 12, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Ntwaagae Seleka

Ntwaagae Seleka

The Vereeniging circuit court yesterday sentenced a 58-year-old North West domestic worker to life for killing her employer.

Judge Neels Claassen convicted and sentenced Anna Kumbe, her lover Daniel Moepadire and nephew Paseka John Au for killing Johanna Edwards on August 4 2003.

Moepadire and Au, 30, were each jailed for 25 years for the murder. The three were also sentenced to 15 years each for robbing the employer of R10000 in cash and a cellphone.

Moepadire and Au will spend 25 years behind bars as their sentences will run concurrently.

Before passing sentence, Judge Claassen labelled the three as liars who had contradicted their evidence during the trial.

Kumbe, 58, was employed by Edwards, 56, for 23 years as a domestic worker at her house in Klerksdorp. She was convinced by her daughter, Masabata, to rob her boss.

Kumbe's nephew, Klas, had testified that his aunt had been pushed to commit the crime by her daughter, who had demanded money from her.

"Klas overheard Masabata asking money from you, and you replied that you did not have any. But Masabata told you to make a plan," the judge told Kumbe.

Masabata had asked Klas to go with her mother and others to Edwards' house to get the money. Klas refused to commit the crime.

Kumbe, Moepadire and Au then went to Edwards' house wearing balaclavas and gloves. They gained entry and tied her hands from behind with a curtain and stuffed a cloth into her mouth.

They then ransacked the house and stole R10000 and left Edwards to die in her bedroom. She was found dead the next morning from suffocation.

"Au was paid R200, Moepadire R1000 and the rest went to Kumbe," said Judge Claassen.


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