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Tiny can't rest in peace until justice is done

By unknown | Jun 11, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Moto Tiny "The gentle giant" Silumo is no more.

Moto Tiny "The gentle giant" Silumo is no more.

He was cold-bloodedly gunned down in central Johannesburg on Monday night.

I always found his name, Tiny, very funny and I would tease him because he resembled the exact opposite of what his name depicted.

He was tall, heavily built (not fat), dark-skinned, with long well-kept dreadlocks.

Tiny was a very generous, extremely talented man. I met him in 2001 when I founded and launched the National Youth Power Against HIV and Aids.

He was one of the most dedicated volunteers in the group, always punctual at meetings, with his signature smile on his chubby face.

Ironically, he died on the day before the Million Man March was to hand a memorandum against crime to officials at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

His untimely death comes at a stressful time for me while I am still reeling from the horrible consequences of crime. It started with an attempted burglary at my house. My helper nearly died from a stab wound to the right side of her neck.

A few months earlier, my wife had been hijacked at gunpoint in the driveway of my house as she unsuspectingly arrived to park her car in the "well protected yard".

My wife, Lindelwa Mazibuko, is lucky (pun intended) to be alive.

After these two criminal acts my pubs, both in Soweto and in Katlehong, have been broken into seven times in two years.

Sound systems and equipment worth hundreds of thousands of rands were stolen.

And, as if to rub salt into the wound, my manager was also held up at gunpoint and robbed of the weekly takings.

As you read this, I have lost more than R200000 in the space of four months. I received a call from the relationships manager at the bank telling me that my account has been overdrawn by almost R12000.

This means that I am on the verge of bankruptcy, not because I have been reckless with my money but simply because all of us have become victims of senseless crime.

All of us, law-abiding citizens of this country, our country, are helpless and we feel constantly vulnerable to these faceless bastards who continue to terrorise us with impunity.

Businesspeople, productive servants of this country, have become easy prey to this absolute lawlessness.

The name of this beautiful country is being dragged through the mud while the powers that be justify the existence of such an anomaly.

Right up to the time of writing, no one has been arrested or held accountable for these crimes.

I seek no donation nor do I expect pity but I humbly appeal to the authorities to protect us or to grant us the licence to protect ourselves and each other.

I refuse to say that Tiny's soul should rest in peace because, along with thousands of other victims of violent crime, whose lifeless bodies are buried six feet under all over the country, this wish is not possible and it will not be granted.


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