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Security guards get two years’ pay after being fired for being women

Twenty-eight female guards were unfairly dismissed by a security company because the client‚ Metrora.

R100000 can buy you shares in McDonald's

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Isaac Moledi

Isaac Moledi

Have you ever thought of investing directly in the world's biggest companies such as Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway or Coca-Cola or even fast-food giant McDonald's?

Locally-based small investors now have this opportunity following the launch of a foreign equity-linked instrument (FEi) by PSG Online, the Internet-based share trading platform in the PSG Konsult stable.

By making use of the instrument, the investor's money is directly invested in the relevant stock exchange, such as New York, London or Tokyo, with shares which can be sold or bought at any time.

Investors do not need to utilise their foreign investment allowance for this purpose, according to Corrie de Bruyn, chief executive of PSG Online.

De Bruyn says that the instrument was especially developed with the small investor in mind.

To operate the instrument, you simply log on to PSG Online's website on the Internet.

He says similar type of investment instruments do exist in South Africa, but in most cases they are aimed at high income individuals with investment funds of R1 million and more.

But remember, to make use of the PSG Online FEi instrument, you have to have a minimum investment of about R100000 to make it a noteworthy investment because local currency has to be exchanged into US dollars or British pounds.

All South African corporate entities and trusts may invest in the PSG Online FEi.

The instrument distinguishes itself from other similar investment products in that it is exceedingly liquid, says PSG Online's director of online trading, John Vorster.

Investors can realise their investments at any stage and will be paid out within five business days at the underlying share price and exchange rate.

It is also very flexible in the sense that investors can switch an investment into another foreign-listed share, foreign unit trust or government, or corporate bond, or money market fund.

No upfront fees are applicable. Only a brokerage fee of 0,5 percent is payable with a further 0,5 percent brokerage fee if an investor wishes at any time to either sell or switch into another foreign equity instrument.

The instrument enables the investor to diversify their share portfolios overseas at a time when local economic and political uncertainties are putting pressure on the local currency.


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