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R212m missing from East Cape health coffers

Millions intended to be spent on the health needs of Eastern Cape residents have gone missing from d.

let's close sad chapter

By unknown | Jun 03, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I am not surprised at all by the latest antics of Benni McCarthy.

I am not surprised at all by the latest antics of Benni McCarthy.

He has over the years shown a consistent lack of respect and courtesy towards Safa and the broader South African public.

I wish to put his latest stunt into perspective.

None of the following could have been a surprise to him: his arrival in South Africa with his daughter and the timing thereof; and his call-up to the national squad and the timing thereof.

This person was fully aware of the above.

Had he had any respect for and courtesy towards the national soccer association and the South African people he would have contacted the association timeously notifying them of his non availability.

This would have prevented them from naming him in the squad. He would not have waited until after his call-up to reveal his non availability.

Safa would have saved themselves the embarrassment that subsequently occurred.

I am an admirer of Benni the footballer, but I believe him to be a plague that SA soccer should rid itself of immediately.

He goes on national television to inform us that "family comes first", as if none of us, including his teammates, have families.

He then refers to his national call-up almost as some visit to an afternoon jazz festival or visit to some shopping mall that, in his own words, he can't just "buzz off to".

Where is the pride in being called up to represent your country? Where is the excitement and honour in receiving such a prestigious invitation?

This boy needs to sit down with Springbok players called up for national duty in the 1970s and 1980s that weren't paid a cent yet put their hearts, souls and bodies on the line for their country.

I listened last night to Ryan Konkovski of the Sharks speaking of his call-up to the Boks and one can hear the excitement, butterflies and absolute honour that the man is engulfed with at his selection.

National call-ups are matters of utmost pride and honour: the Springboks even have a capping ceremony.

Benni McCarthy is the epitome of disrespect and candid lack of honour and reverence for the badge, the call-up, the national association and the South African people.

In the words of an Argentinian soccer fan after Diego Maradona was booted out of the national team at the 1994 world cup ". he has, once again, contrived to make absolute fools of 45 million Argentinians in front of the whole world."

I do believe Mr McCarthy is doing the same to us.

We need to rid ourselves of him.

Wendel Bloem,


(We will close the chapter on Benni McCarthy with these letters as Sowetan also opened a vote line last week on whether he should or should not continue playing for Bafana Bafana. Sowetan, however, said he must never be considered in future. - Sports Editor)


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