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'Don't be misled by charlatans'

By unknown | Jun 02, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Dan Fuphe

Dan Fuphe

True Christians, who give their lives to God, will be transformed to lead a fruitful and spiritual life free of social impediments.

This is the message Hamba Vangeli Ministry Pastor Josias Mavundla brought to congregants in Daveyton, Ekurhuleni, yesterday.

Reading from several books in the Bible, Mavundla urged members to build their temples firmly on solid ground so that no demonic forces could weaken their faith in God.

"In life we as Christians are always encircled and protected by God," the pastor said. "But if we turn against His will and start serving other gods and idols, our spiritual connection with our protector will fade, giving way to other ungodly forces.

"When you are saved and lead a Christian life, there is no need to put your faith elsewhere. You cannot speak in tongues when you are not saved."

Mavundla said God was with Samuel when he grew up and he never disobeyed the words of the Lord.

"When your faith and trust is in Him, you will, like Miriam, live to a ripe age of 170 years without showing any signs of ageing," he said.

"At the time Moses was about three months old and Miriam was already about 70.

After Moses had spent at least 40 years in the desert Miriam was still strong, with the body of a young maiden."

Mavundla quoted from Psalm 92: 1-15, which says in part: "That though the wicked shall spring up like grass, and evildoers flourish, they will be destroyed forever. But, you Lord are forever exalted. For surely your enemies Lord, will perish, all evildoers scattered."

Mavundla urged the congregation not to be misled by charlatans, who walked the streets of Daveyton with oil and promised people a better but ungodly life.


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