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Mkhwebane leaves Zuma‚ Van Rooyen interdicts

The new public protector says she will leave the dispute over the state capture report prepared by h.

Send xenophobic thugs to ubuntu university

By unknown | May 26, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I strongly disagree that foreigners are the cause of crime and unemployment.

I strongly disagree that foreigners are the cause of crime and unemployment.

The government and civic organisations were talking about these socio-economic challenges long before the Zimbabwean and other African refugees arrived.

Yes, there are some foreigners who steal, but so do some South Africans.

The violence by black South Africans against Africans will not bring back the jobs that were lost because of privatisation, retrenchment and skills shortages.

Instead, crime will rise substantially and this in turn will drive away foreign investors and African entrepreneurs.

It is also insensitive to say that the persisting xenophobic crisis is an indication of a lack of SADC leadership.

Why do our leaders say that once conditions improve Zimbabweans must return to their country? They are Africans and have every right to stay wherever they feel comfortable.

Address the root cause of "black xenophobia", which is poverty and lack of morals. Stop creating historical borders.

The struggle of poor and concerned people for political and leadership renewal is not only for the natives of a country or the SADC but for all African citizens.

Lastly, the perpetrators and architects of the recent attacks, who seem to enjoy chasing and killing innocent people, must be banished to the university of ubuntu.

Richard Rambiyana, Masisi


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