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Brian Molefe sworn in at parliament, Thursday 23 February 2017.
'I never resigned' - Molefe

Embattled Eskom CEO Brian Molefe was considered to be on “unpaid leave” after his initial resignatio.

Teach children how to learn, write tests

By unknown | 2008-05-20 00:00:00.0

Teach your child that studying is more than just doing assignments. Encourage your child to:

Teach your child that studying is more than just doing assignments. Encourage your child to:

l Take notes while reading;

l Learn to skim material;

l Learn to study tables and charts;

l Learn to summarise;

l Learn to make flash cards for quick review of dates, formulas, spelling, etc.

Note taking is a skill and should be developed. Many pupils don't know how to take notes. Some write down every word the teacher says. Well-prepared teachers present material in a format that lends itself to outline note taking.

Notes should only be rewritten if a lot of material is covered and the child had to write quickly. Rewriting takes time, but can be an excellent review of the subject matter.

A dictionary is essential. Keep it in an accessible place and let your child see you refer to it.

A good dictionary, encyclopedia and organisational skills depend on the ability to alphabetise. Practise alphabetising at home. Try it by spelling words, family members' names or a few favourite toys at home as a way of practising.

Help your child feel confident for tests, which can be traumatic. Explain that burning the midnight oil the night before a test is not productive. Better to get a good night's sleep. Remind your child that when writing a test, he or she should thoroughly and carefully read the directions. Skip over questions they don't know the answers to and return to them if there's time. Good advice before a test: take a deep breath, relax and dive in. Always bring an extra pen. - Child Development Info