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Book: Cornelia Button and the Globe of Gamagion

Book: Cornelia Button and the Globe of Gamagion

Author: Edyth Bulbring

Publisher: Jacana

Reviewer: Sibongile Mashaba

They say if you have a dream you must hang on to it. You must believe that your dreams will one day come true

Ask any child about their dreams and they will tell you: "I want to be a doctor; I dreamt that one day I will be a father living with my wife and three children in a house by the beach."

It is because they know what they want. But some change their dreams as they grow up.

In Cornelia Button and the Globe of Gamagion, the three children Cornelia Button, 11, nine-year-old sister Maude and their friend Zwelabo Maluleke, 12, all have their own dreams. They lived in Bez Valley.

Cornelia, who cannot not sing at all, dreams of becoming a famous singer.

Maude wants to be a gypsy princess so that she can cast a spell to make her eight-months-old baby brother Walter disappear because he has taken up all their parents' attention.

Zwelabo wants to be a hero like the mysterious, absent father he has never met.

Cornelia convinces the two to play a different game, using the globe her father, Gordon, had won in a competition as a child.

He treasured it and used it to identify his travels. The globe is the secret to realising their dreams.

Cornelia tells them: "If we imagine it, we can be it." Cornelia spins the globe, settles her finger on a star-shaped spot at the top where the axis joined the globe and holds her breath.

They enter a new world, the Kingdom of Gamagion. Cornelia finds herself singing for the greatest people of that world, King Weslian and Queen Wanda and Prince Calpheus.

Maude casts spells and Zwelabo becomes a superhero of the universe when he fights off a huge creature that is threatening the Gamagion world.

But in the real world they are not living their dreams. Cornelia is always put down by her mother, Glory, who thinks she should forget about singing.

She gives up on singing and pursues a dream to become a world-class drummer.

Zwelabo is helpless when he meets his father, a dying ex-convict, but they finally grow close. Maude gets over her dream to "make Walter disappear".


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