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Safa has messed up South African soccer

By unknown | May 09, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

It is about time we stop talking and get into action, now.

It is about time we stop talking and get into action, now.

I think we the youth and other stakeholders in the game of football, especially our Jomo Sonos, Kaizer Motaungs and other big names, must organise a million people's march to Safa House and hold these administrators accountable for the mess South African football is in.

These guys are not being held accountable for the mess. I'm from Upington, for instance, and there is nothing happeningthere as far as soccer development is concerned, yet we have Safa.

They appoint glorified foreign coaches, while here at home things keep going backwards.

We must not stop condemning their short-sightedness in appointing foreign coaches, who are only here to make millions.

I think these guys are coming to our country on holiday and yet are paid for that.

Adam Visser, Upington


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