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Bob thinks he's chosen one

By unknown | May 05, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

People go about saying everything Robert Mugabe is doing is in the interest of Zimbabwe and his fellow Zimbabweans. I beg to differ.

If Mugabe had the interest of Zimbabwe at heart he would have stepped down as president long ago.

Julius Nyerere did so and there is continuity in Tanzania. Ketumile Masire did so in Botswana, Joachim Chissano in Mozambique and others elsewhere.

These countries are stable and there are new ideas coming from the new faces. These presidents, who did not outstay their welcome, have one thing in common - they are respected internationally.

Have people who make Mugabe a saint ever wondered why initiatives he started to uplift communities end up losing directions because of people who get too much credit and end up seeing themselves as gods?

Have these people ever wondered why so many organisations aimed at ensuring people's safety end up as vigilante groups?

There are many people in Zimbabwe who genuinely have their country's interests at heart, but cannot do anything because Mugabe thinks he is the chosen one.

Richardson Mzaidume



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