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'I'll miss Nceba's words of encouragement'

By unknown | Apr 30, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Shane Dladla

Shane Dladla

Last Thursday I received the shattering news that Nonceba Mehlomakhulu had died.

I knew that Nceba was ill but had hoped that she would pull through.

She was one of my favourite ladies, and her death, after a short illness, has left me devastated. Mehlomakhulu had a special place in my heart - first as a friend, then as my lover. When our relationship ended, our friendship blossomed. We remained very close - we had a bond that was difficult to destroy.

In fact, Mehlomakhulu was someone I could count on and trust, a true friend, a confidante and a sister. She was an enigma of sorts, very difficult to understand, but her warm personality and humanity always shone through.

She was an awesome and principled individual who was very stubborn at times. She was not one to pretend. She would always stand up for what she believed in - she spoke her mind.

Mehlomakhulu was a fashionista of note. She had a taste for the good things in life. She would often joke that if she became a millionaire, she would only shop in the fashion capitals of the world.

In all the years I knew her, she played different roles in my life. She was always there for me, ready to listen and give advice.

I will miss her words of encouragement and inspiration. I feel I owe some of my achievements to her because she never missed the opportunity to remind me that I had great potential.

In Mehlomakhulu I have lost a hero, an inspiration and a friend. I am proud, honoured and feel blessed to have known her.

Everyone who comes into your life does so to serve a particular purpose, and it is through Mehlomakhulu's death that I now understand the meaning of this statement.

Above everything else, Nceba, as she was affectionately known, was a loving and caring mother to her young son, Wongalethu. She lived for him and only wanted the best for him.

Now death has robbed Wongalethu of his mother before he could appreciate what an awesome and great individual Nceba was.

Mehlomakhulu will be buried tomorrow at the Randfontein South Cemetery at 10am.

The service will start at Itireleng Centre at 8am.


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