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Here's a wig with fine attitude

By unknown | Apr 23, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

You've probably secretly sympathised with all those beautiful women sporting clean-shaven heads, but have you ever wondered what the cause of their status might be?

That reality recently hit me when I became bereaved. After years of cultivating my dreads to a long, enviable length, I suddenly had to cut them off and get by with a bald head.

It was then that I considered the option of a wig. In our line of work looking elegant is a must.

I was still scratching my head about the kind of wig that would look good without really screaming artificial, when an unexpected solution came from the newly launched Pro31.

Like most women suffering from alopecea or diseases such as cancer that result in hair falling out, I needed a moral pick-me-up. And, judging by the various styles, I had stumbled on to something good.

Instead of going bald, stressing over a receding hairline, wearing a scarf that does nothing for them or sporting all those wigs that look oh-so-fake, women can now turn to the elegant Lace Wig.

Already enjoying huge success internationally, it is a wig with a difference. For starters, the hair that goes into making the wig is 100 percent premium quality Indian Remy hair. It comes out in a variety of colours and shapes.

But it's not available over the counter.

Once I had made my choice - thanks to the attentive skills of the Pro31 technician Kaizer Sibisi - on the style that suited my face and complexion, the work began in earnest. The wig was created from scratch for me.

The transformation begins with the technician measuring your head, matching your hairline and the desired length.

The nonsurgical, durable individual hair strands are hand tied on to a Lace base one strand at a time. Hair is then woven onto a lace fabric that resembles the colour of your hair.

When it's ready for fitting, the fringe of your hairline is gently shaved off to make way for the credible construction of the wig to your skull.

A non-irritating glue is applied in line with your hairline and the wig glued on.

I had the option of glueing the whole head, which gives an authentic look. But people suffering from dry skull, dandruff or other skin irritation have the option of leaving the back of the wig unglued to scratch at will.

Those scrutinising you will marvel at the hair that has grown overnight . The wig will not detach even when you swim.

You will have the absolute pleasure of styling it to suit your lifestyle since it comes with a kit that you apply yourself or have a technician do for you every fortnight.

The Lace Wig is also designed for glamour, style and elegance. No more agonising about those glossy magazine looks when you can engineer your instant transformation.

Just thinking about them, the intrusive, surgical hair implants, wigs and weaves seem ancient and outdated by comparison.

Local celebrities and trendsetters are already making a beeline for this wonderfully enhanced innovation.


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