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Death penalty won't reduce crime

By unknown | Apr 01, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

ANC president Jacob Zuma has given South Africans an opportunity to debate the reintroduction of the death penalty.

Frankly, I do not support the death penalty because I believe that it will result in the extermination of the black population. Some of the states in the US are abolishing the death penalty because there have been instances of innocent people being sent to the electric chair.

The issue of crime can only be combated if criminals are given heavy fines and longer prison sentences. The death penalty is just not a solution; we do have not evidence that capital punishment would reduce crime. People are asking for the death penalty because they are angry.

The crime rate can only go down if the judiciary prosecutes criminals successfully.

I think Zuma should be concerned about the number of people who are terminally ill in hospitals. These people are in constant pain and Zuma must open up a debate about how we can put them out of their misery and pain permanently.

Rather give a person the right to request a medical doctor to administer a lethal injection instead of leaving them to suffer until they die.

Leave the criminals to rot in jail, and never let them get the privilege of receiving a lethal injection. In the Netherlands euthanasia is legal, so why can't we practise it here?

Mpho Ramokolo, Nelspruit


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