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Sindi's No fashion fad

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Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Thula Sindi designs for elegant and mature women. All his garments commemorate femininity and transports womanhood to its origins of tenderness, softness and grace.

Though his label is relatively new, it has in a short time it managed to secure a distinctive and timeless identity in the fashion trade.

Sindi says: "Most designers and chainstores have no respect for women's clothes. A lot of disposable, cheap rubbish is made for women. I'm trying to make clothes that will survive beyond trends. I create glamour that is not turkey."

The 24-year-old burst on to the fashion scene in 2005 when he showcased his designs while working under Dutch textile company Vlisco, where he was a head designer.

In 2006 he developed his own line, which he introduced at the South African Fashion Week.

Sindi says he likes to design for mature women who know what they want in life. With a price tag that ranges from R800 to R8000, this young and confident designer says he refuses to take orders from too many clients.

"I only design clothes for decent people and I have a distinct clientele. The woman I dress wears a uniform of materialised fabrics like leather, wool and vinyl. She is brave and smooth, she appears untouchable. She has complete conviction in her personal style," he says.

Sindi says the difference between him and many other designers is that his clothes are tasteful.

"This is what separates me from many designers in the country. I am a different animal from other designers," he declares.

Sindi, who holds a degree in fashion from the London International School of Fashion, dresses celebrities Uyanda Mbuli, Noni Gasa and Metro FM DJ Penny Lebyane, among others.

The charming designer with the quick smile hails from Klerksdorp. For years he operated in Cape Town, but he says the Mother City is not business viable, though every second person there knows his designs. The talented Sindi does not believe in being in the spotlight.

"Many local designers have made the mistake of focusing on themselves rather than on their work. This has had a negative effect on their business. You are either a celebrity or a fashion designer and the two do not go together," he says.

Sindi says he does not socialise much.

"I'm the best kept secret in Jozi. I don't like going to parties and all that stuff. I like people to focus on what I do, not on me as a person. A person-oriented career is limiting. I do not want people to know me as that gay, straight or bisexual designer, though I like both men and women."

Sindi, who shares a house and studio in Rosebank with a 55-year-old white designer, says he is very religious and respects other people and himself.

"I was raised to respect life, the earth and its inhabitants. I am of sober habits and my biggest sin is having too much confidence. I do not allow circumstances and people to control me. I control them," Sindi says.


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