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Riot Hlatshwayo

Riot Hlatshwayo

A Mpumalanga family is demanding answers from a high school teacher about the mystery surrounding the death of a relative.

The teacher allegedly had an affair with the deceased.

Endurance Ndlovu of Jameyana village near Acornhoek died at the Tintswalo Hospital minutes after the teacher called the family claiming that she had been hit by a car.

Bedwell Hlungwane, otherwise known as Tsawa, a teacher at Moses Mnisi High School, confirmed that he picked up his girlfriend (Ndlovu) in the street after he saw a car hitting her on February 26 shortly before 10pm.

But the Ndlovu family claims Tsawa picked up the woman at her home and assaulted her to such an extent that she later died in hospital from her injuries.

The family believes Tsawa is lying when he says Ndlovu, 22, was hit by a car.

Hlungwane confirmed to Sowetan that he and Ndlovu had had an argument in the car on the night she died but denied having assaulted her.

He claimed that Ndlovu was the one who had assaulted him.

"She jumped out of my car and ran away," Hlungwane said. "I tried to drive after her but she threw herself in front of a moving car.

"The car slowed down a bit but drove off at high speed afterwards. I was too shocked to get its registration number."

He said he knelt down to check on her condition. When he realised she was still alive he took her to the Tintswalo Hospital about 10km away.

Before leaving the hospital, Hlungwane said, he had called Ndlovu's sister Fortunate and told her he would fetch her so that they could go to the hospital to provide her sister's particulars.

Fortunate told Sowetan that she in fact jumped into Hlungwane's car and went to hospital with him.

But when she arrived at the hospital officials asked her to call the elders instead.

"When my parents arrived the hospital officials told them that my sister had died," Fortunate said yesterday.

She said the family was concerned about the fact that Hlungwane had failed to call the police after the alleged hit-and-run accident.

He had instead opted to take Ndlovu to hospital himself.

"Because of the mystery surrounding her death we are not sure she died as a result of a car accident," Fortunate said.

"Hlungwane confirmed to me that they had fought.

"This might mean that my sister died as a result of injuries from an assault."

The postmortem results showed that Ndlovu had died of internal bleeding.


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