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ARTIST STITCH 'Dying' of aids

By unknown | Mar 07, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Ragga artist Stitch, who mourned his Stable 999 mate and friend Zombo two weeks ago, has revealed he is also dying.

"I have Aids. I am dying," Stitch, whose real name is Lucas Tshepo Setwaba, told Sowetan yesterday.

But unlike Zombo he blames no one but himself for his predicament.

The 31-year-old, who was once in Arthur Mafokate's Stable 999, discovered his status last December when he started losing weight after being diagnosed with TB.

"I was not surprised when I found out because I was very promiscuous. I had too many girlfriends and did not use condoms half the time," he said.

A jobless Stitch, who was a natty dresser in his Stable 999 heyday, said he lives in Kagiso, West Rand, with his jobless mother who survives on a government pension.

Stitch has also featured in Mafokate's kwaito group All Star Madrid and rocked nightclubs with his solo albums King of Digong and Matha Wena.

"My mother pays my medical bills. My friends from the music industry often visit me and bring me goodies," Stitch said.

"Neighbours and old friends are supportive and understanding. Though I do not have girlfriends anymore, I am not lonely. There is nothing like support when you are sick."

Asked how he felt when he heard about Zombo's death, Stitch said he was "saddened by the news because we used to talk a lot about our status and we comforted each other".

Amaha spokesman Doc Shebeleza said there were many other artists who had Aids, but who are afraid to reveal their status.

"It is important for people who are HIV positive to talk about it so that they can get help and support. People like Arthur Mafokate must encourage his other artists to test early and disclose."

Stitch said there was nothing Mafokate could do.

" I'm in this situation because of my own doing. Arthur has nothing to do with it. He owes me nothing."

Asked for comment, Mafokate said he would call back, but didn't. When Sowetan called him, he did not answer.


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