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Told you so, now please sober up - Phosa

By unknown | Feb 27, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Eric Naki

Eric Naki

We told you so, responded Matthews Phosa to the parliamentary report condemning the Scorpions for illegally producing the Browse report.

ANC treasurer-general Phosa and just about everybody who supports Jacob Zuma have always insisted that the Scorpions had a political agenda against Zuma. The committee's findings have been seen as a blow to the Scorpions.

One of the elite unit's biggest supporters, United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holmisa, said: "In principle I do not have a problem with action being taken against members of the Scorpions who have transgressed their mandate. However, I question the timing of the release of this report. It is aimed at strengthening the campaign to have the Scorpions closed down."

But Phosa said the report vindicated the view by some members of the ANC that the Scorpions had a political agenda to investigate and prosecute ANC leaders, especially Zuma.

"I hate to tell you that we told you so. I hope everybody will sober up now," said Phosa, who could not elaborate as he was in a meeting.

DA intelligence spokesman Paul Swart warned against the abuse of the report by those opposed to the Scorpions

"Where there has been wrongdoing by the Directorate of Special Operations (DSO) identified by the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence (JSCI), then these must be dealt with in terms of the law," said Swart.

"What must be avoided is for this report to be abused by those opposed to the continued existence of the DSO, as a convenient excuse to call for their disbandment."

He said the committee findings must also not be distorted to argue that all action taken by the Scorpions against Zuma was politically motivated.

Political analyst Steve Friedman said parliament's intervention was what "parliamentary oversight" is about.

"If someone abuses taxpayers' money to concoct such information then parliament must intervene and action must be taken against such individuals."

This did not mean that the Scorpions should be disbanded. "It is like saying because some MPs have been involved in the Travelgate scandal, parliament must be closed."


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