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Amaha berates Lundi's 'mission'

By unknown | Feb 14, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

African Musicians against HIV-Aids (Amaha) has condemned gospel sensation Lundi Tyamara's plan to conduct an anti-drugs campaign in schools.

Last week, Tyamara told Sowetan he planned to visit schools to warn children about the dangers of alcohol and drugs. But he admitted that he was still hooked on alcohol.

The 29-year-old Western Cape-born singer said he wanted children to learn from his mistakes.

"I was very young when I got hooked on drugs. I know the pressures they are under at that age. Drugs destroy people, their careers and families and once you are hooked it is difficult to come out. I'm still struggling with alcohol."

But Amaha spokesman Doc Shebeleza won't hear anything about it.

Shebeleza said Tyamara was unfit to teach anyone about the dangers of drugs, let alone schoolchildren.

He added that last year Amaha suspended Tyamara from taking part in any of its campaigns "because of the way he conducts himself".

"Lundi is not a good role model. He sings gospel and still does all the things that are contradictory to the Christian doctrine. He is scandalous.

"God has given him a very powerful platform but he must use it correctly. How can you go to children and tell them not to do drugs, but you are still hooked on alcohol yourself? What if the kids bump into him drunk in a club the following day? He is not qualified to tell anyone not to use drugs. "

Tyamara first went public about his problem in 2003. He was admitted to a rehabilitation centre for drug and alcohol abuse.

He then declared that rehabilitation did not help him.

When he came back from the initiation school in 2004, he claimed that initiation had helped him more than the rehab centre.

He even appeared on national television asking President Thabo Mbeki to help him kick his drug problem.

Tsepo Nzimande, his manager and the owner of Bula Records, told Sowetan that Tyamara was slowly recovering from alcohol abuse. He added that despite his struggle with drugs and alcohol, his sales had not dropped.

Tyamara recently launched a 10-track album called Impilo, in which he shares his deepest feelings with his followers.


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