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Security guards get two years’ pay after being fired for being women

Twenty-eight female guards were unfairly dismissed by a security company because the client‚ Metrora.

'refused' redress

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Simon Nare

Simon Nare

A North West farmworker, who had his hand amputated after being injured on duty, says he is struggling to get compensation because his employer refuses to complete a form.

Instead, Johannes Kokoeng, 36, alleges that his employer Chris Botha fired him for relentlessly pursuing the matter.

Kokoeng had three fingers cut by a harvesting machine in May last year at Brakvlei farm, outside Wolmaransstad.

He was taken to hospital with his hand with two fingers, but when he came out a week later, his hand had been amputated.

He could not say why doctors had amputated his hand.

Kokoeng says he has been sent from pillar to post by labour officials in Klerksdorp. According to labour laws, Kokoeng is entitled to compensation as he was injured on duty.

But, Kokoeng says, the process has been halted because his employer has refused to sign the compensation claim form.

"I gave my employer the forms to complete, but he refused. Instead he fired me, saying I was a nuisance," Kokoeng said.

His employer was not available for comment yesterday but his wife promised to pass on the message.

A labour department official in Klerksdorp, Maki Ngcobe, said she was aware of Kokoeng's case.

However, Ngcobe put the blame squarely on Kokoeng for the delay in the payout.

"He is lying when he says the employer is refusing to sign. I have spoken to the employer and he is cooperative. The problem is him (Kokoeng). He does not have an identity document which we need to attach to the form.

"The other thing is that he does not have a contact number and we cannot get hold of him," she said.

Kokoeng said he has been to the labour department offices several times, without any joy.

He has even moved to Johannesburg from Wolmaransstad to pursue the matter, he says.

"If I was not serious about the matter, why would I move to Johannesburg. I suspect these people have been paid by this farmer not to attend to my case.

"I need this money. I have two daughters to take care of. I cannot get employment anywhere because I don't have a hand," he said.


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