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valentine's day

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Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Valentine's Day is almost upon us. Love is in the air. Our celebs are not behind, they too celebrate this occasion of love with their loved ones. Following is what they have to say about their plans to celebrate this Valentine's Day:

Nhlanhla Nciza, who confesses to being a sucker for love, says she has a huge surprise for her man TK.

Nhlanhla says she has planned something around Gauteng, but refuses to say where because she does not want to ruin the surprise.

"TK is a hopelessly romantic man. He has always been the one going all-out in our relationship. This time I have planned something very romantic for us, something relaxing because he works so hard for us."

She added that last year TK took her to The Westcliff Hotel for a romantic evening.

"I did not know about his plans. He called me to meet him at the hotel. There were roses everywhere and he bought me a beautiful suit to wear. I was lost for words."

Bonang Matheba of SABC1's Live says she will cook a romantic dinner for her musician boyfriend Sliqour and also buy him a car part he has been wanting for a long time.

"I am going to pamper him. I will give him a nice massage and the rest is obvious."

Matheba says her last Valentine's was boring and horrible.

"Sliqour bought me a lousy teddy bear. I was very sad. The stupid teddy bear is still here and I hate it."

Rugby player Akhona Ndungane says he is planning to take his woman out to the wilds, but is still working on the plan.

"I'm still working on my plan. She is a special woman, I want to do something special for her. I don't know yet which gift to buy for her."

He says last year he stayed indoors. "I cooked dinner, candle- lights and all and we watched movies. It was very romantic and relaxed. This year I'm thinking about outdoor."

Elvovo says though he is not the romantic type, he would have loved to be with his girlfriend, but he will be performing somewhere.

"I am a traditional man. I do not believe in Valentine's but I celebrate it because I want to make my woman happy. I would have loved to be with her, cook a nice meal or something but it is beyond my control. I will just buy her a present and flowers and give her a call."

DJ Cleo says celebrating Valentine's is childish. He says on the day he will be working as normal.

"My partner and I are way beyond Valentine's. Our relationship outgrew stupid things like that. I last celebrated that when I was still in high school a long time ago. To me it is non-existent. I will spend the day doing what I do best - making music."


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