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Let Zombo's misery be a lesson

By unknown | Feb 07, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I watched with disbelief as my childhood favourite musician Zombo publicly lashed at his former boss Arthur Mafokate for having failed to take care of him when he fell sick but failed to disclose his HIV status.

He also claimed that he was being consumed by the rejection he suffered from the family of a friend he apparently shot dead by accident a few years ago.

It is wrong of him to blame Mafokate now. He had choices and made a mistake. He should not accuse others for his own mistakes and shouldn't expect everyone to feel sorry for him because of his situation.

Zombo is a living proof that HIV-Aids does not discriminate between the known and the unknown or between the rich and the poor. It's a global problem which young people have to look at with open minds and make right decisions for their own future.

Mothers are crying at home and they are the ones who suffer most from the impact of HIV-Aids on families. I live in Alexandra, I know what's happening in my community and if what I saw on TV last week Friday isn't a message enough about making the right choices, then nothing ever will be.

Thapelo Mangoele, Alexandra


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