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Save power now or we'll all eat dust

By unknown | Feb 04, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Every last South African will pay for Eskom's shortsightedness for at least the next eight years.

Every last South African will pay for Eskom's shortsightedness for at least the next eight years.

Power cuts will cost the jobs of people all around us, businesses will fold despite charging higher prices, heavy industries will struggle to survive, and our taxes and tariffs will go up.

Anyone who says otherwise is lying or is willfully ignorant of our country's economic fundamentals.

We can wail that we no longer have an almost unlimited supply of the cheapest electricity in the world, but that won't help anyone.

We can call for the heads of politicians, bureaucrats and Eskom's bigwigs, but even lining them up against the wall and dispensing revolutionary justice won't power a single light bulb.

Thabo Mbeki's legacy as the president who led South Africa to an economic miracle has been shattered.

His government consumed apartheid's capital and was caught with its hand in the cookie jar, dispensing largesse to its minions instead of investing in infrastructure.

But none of that matters now. For unless we all play our part to ensure that we save power, this crash will lead to economic meltdown.

We can't build power stations fast enough to make a difference unless we change the spendthrift way we use electricity in this country.

While Eskom tries to bring new power online each one of us, from individuals to vast corporations, must play a direct role and save power.

Everyone who uses electricity has an important role to play, and Sowetan will show readers how to save electricity and cut their bills, and help keep the country afloat.

The government must immediately invest all the billions Eskom needs to rehabilitate its ageing plant so it can creak on until new power stations come on line.

Let history shame the scapegoats. This is a national emergency that whingeing won't solve. Each one of us must put a shoulder to the wheel and play a part now.

Over the next weeks Sowetan will show readers how to save power and help redeem our beloved South Africa from the ineptitude of its failed public servants.


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