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Shame on Winnie Ntshaba

By unknown | 2008-01-29 00:00:00.0

I'm very disturbed by the utterances of Winnie "Khethiwe" Ntshaba from Generations in Sowetan on January 24. It seems as if she is trying to kiss her acting career goodbye.

Ntshaba is playing with fire by entering the dangerous game of politics. It is not a game for sissies like her. She is being misled and it will cost her dearly because she opens her mouth without thinking. She has a nerve accusing the ANC of trying to kill Mangosuthu Buthelezi and also saying that the ANC kills its opponents.

These are dangerous statements, considering the history of the IFP in the 1990s. She is completely out of order and must be condemned to the stinking rubbish bin of misguided and dangerous individuals.

She deserves no respect, no recognition and no celebrity status.

She is a disgrace to her in-laws - Thabo Modise's family. She has put her journalist husband's career in trouble. He must intervene and guide the girl not to be misused by politicians. Ag, shame on you Winnie Ntshaba.

Gift Ziya, Edenvale