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Khethiwe should have thought before speaking

By unknown | Jan 29, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Winnie Ntshaba, known as Khethiwe in Generations, has dug her own grave.

Winnie Ntshaba, known as Khethiwe in Generations, has dug her own grave.

Her comments in Sowetan on January 24: "We know what the ruling party does to people who oppose them. They kill them. They tried to kill Buthelezi on a number of occasions. They tried to use the then Nazareth Baptist Church leader, Isaiah Shembe, in their plan to kill Buthelezi, but they failed," are shocking.

I don't believe that she was hired to read from a script as IFP general secretary Reverend Musa Zondi has said. She agreed to read the message so she obviously believes it. If she did not believe the allegations, she would have refused to read the statement.

Everybody has the right to their views, but it is dangerous and ignorant to make wild, unfounded and reckless statements, which have a potential to damage their credibility.

The ANC, like any political party in the world, has its shortcomings, but it is respected here and abroad and has done a lot to liberate the country from apartheid - which was supported by bantustan leaders. It is a peaceful party and does not promote killings.

I have lost my respect for Ntshaba and from now on, whenever she appears on the soapie, I will see an IFP member who thinks that a caring, loving and respected movement that has liberated us from apartheid is a party of killers.

Motlatsi Lebea, Arcadia


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