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lifted on blades of glory

By unknown | Jan 10, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Kamogelo Seekoei

Kamogelo Seekoei

It is not often that a helicopter picks one up at home and fly them to school, especially when you are a grade 1 pupil and it is your first-ever day at school.

Yesterday six-year-old Marcus Sambo's schooling career was made when a chopper delivered him to his first school.

Marcus was awaited by Cosmo City Primary School's grade 3 pupils who were just as excited to see a chopper land on their school grounds.

They carried posters with the winning picture of Marcus while others waved their little hands at the helicopter.

The grade 1 pupil won a competition after his father, Steven Sambo, sent a picture of the boy in uniform to a radio station competition.

The prize entailed being picked up by the helicopter at home, getting a chopper-ride around the suburb and being delivered to school.

"We did not have the opportunity to get a ride as well but we are so happy for him," said Sambo, who was taking cellphone footage of the event.

School principal Thea Abrams said she was happy that Marcus had won the competition.

"What luck, it's the first time there is such a competition and its my school to win on the school's first birthday as well," she said excitedly.

Abrams said she panicked when the helicopter delayed to arrive as school could not start on time.

Project coordinator Raeesa Davis said bad weather delayed the helicopter.

Overwhelmed by the excited people around him, Marcus started to cry and would not let got of his godfather, Nico Loubser.


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