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Give help where help is needed - Ma-Ramushu

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Nthabisang moreosele

Nthabisang moreosele

Mercy Ramushu of Dube Village in Soweto has started a new career while retired.

Ramushu is a pastor at Grace Bible Church in Soweto and, as part of her calling, she collects clothes for the poor, for disaster-stricken areas and for Aids orphans.

She says it is part of her evangelical work.

"Oprah Winfrey is my mentor. The idea of collecting clothes for disaster areas first came to me when I saw Oprah helping the people of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina flattened the place.

"Oprah is a giver and an inspiration to me. I used to give away my clothes and that of my family. I now do it regularly and ask others to donate too," Ramushu said

Ramushu gave Mama Angel about 15 black bags of clothes, fashionable hats, toys and shoes, before Christmas.

These will be distributed to Zimbabwean refugees, who are squatting in the Central Methodist Church in Johannesburg after having been given sanctuary by Bishop Paul Verryn.

"This is the fourth batch of clothes I have collected. I have sent bundles to Mpumalanga, Mozambique and the Cape. I liaise with churches in their areas, who then distribute them to their people.

"I have set up several nodes at Beyers Naude High School, Nkathuto Primary School, and with doctors' wives in Soweto.

"I act as the coordinator. I do the rounds, alerting them to the plight of new sufferers," Ramushu said.

Ramushu taught at Taupedi High School in Tladi for five years before she decamped for the private sector.

She worked as demonstrator for Colgate toothpaste.

"I was popularly known as 'Mama Colgate'. My team and I used to go to schools and teach children about dental hygiene.

"I have also sent clothes to Mozambique through the National Council of African Women [NCAW]. The NCAW is a community-based organisation which was founded by Mina Soga. I have been an active member of the NCAW for a long time.

"I appeal to our people to be alert and aware of the plight of others. We all need a helping hand," Ramushu said.


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