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Mavasa's results had been withheld pending an investigation

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Victor Hlungwani

Victor Hlungwani

The family of a matric student who shot herself dead after being told by her brother she had failed is shattered after learning that the girl had actually passed.

Kaya Mavasa, 18, shot herself dead shortly after receiving a call from his brother in Johannesburg.

The incident happened at Mdabula village on Friday last week.

Her brother, who is in the city to look for a job, allegedly told Kaya she did not feature anywhere in the newspapers on the day of the matric results.

Kaya's uncle, Phineas Khosa, said he was still shocked at what had happened to his niece.

He said the fact that she had actually passed would have given his niece hope for the future.

"What happened is really regrettable, but there's nothing else we can do. We only wish the brother who phoned to inform her about her failure could come home to explain his actions," said Khosa.

He said police had visited the family to make further investigations on the matter.

Kaya's relative, Lulu Mavasa, said she still could not accept the death of his cousin.

He was with Kaya on the morning of her death.

He said Kaya told her that day that she was worried about the outcome of the matric results and that she desperately wanted to know how she had performed.

"Kaya looked very worried about the matric results," Lulu Mavasa said.

"When she left for home, Kaya told me she felt very weak in her mind and that the only thing that could lift her spirits would be good news about her matric results," he said.

"I did not know that failing matric for the second time could lead to such a decision of taking her own life."

He said he did not know what had made Kaya's brother to take the responsibility of phoning her about the results.

It has since emerged that Kaya was one of the nine pupils whose marks had been withheld pending further investigation by the provincial department of education.

School principal Elias Baloyi said the department had promised to allocate the marks to the affected pupils once it had completed its investigation.

It was discovered that a preliminary statement indicated that Kaya had passed Xitsonga with a B symbol, Afrikaans with an F symbol, E for biology, B for agriculture, and that she had only failed physical science.

Baloyi explained that some of the school's results were withheld due to some discrepancies.

He said some of the results indicated that pupils had registered some subjects in the higher grade while they in fact registered them in standard grade.

The only outstanding marks are those for English, which would have surely given Kaya a pass.

"She was one of those hard-working pupils at the school and we looked forward to seeing her pass. It is unfortunate she died before realising her dream," Baloyi said.


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