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Chairman Khoza announces new and vital initiatives - including direct talks with players to empower them with valuable skills

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Sello Rabothata

Sello Rabothata

The Premier Soccer League executive committee (ExCo) has made an undertaking to visit all clubs with a view to engaging directly with players, PSL chairman Irvin Khoza said in a statement released at the weekend.

Khoza made the announcement after a PSL special general meeting at a leading hotel in Johannesburg on Saturday.

The meeting was attended by all 32 Absa Premiership and National First Division (NFD) clubs (16 in each league).

He said: "The ExCo will engage directly with our most important stakeholders, which are our players.

"Among the matters we will discuss are the repercussions of various deals we have signed, the vision of the league and the very vital role they play in this."

Khoza said there was concern about discipline, personal presentation, and the work ethic among some of the players.

"Many of of our players get a big shock when they are transferred abroad and find themselves having to attend rigorous training sessions up to three times a day," Khoza said.

"We undertake this initiative with a view to empowering the players."

He said the South African Players' Union (Safpu) will accompany the league on this national drive.

A number of other issues were also addressed. Among them the special general meeting adopted the amendments that were made to the constitution with regard to the promotion and relegation of NFD clubs.

The changes mean that the winners of the two streams will play against each other in a "final" at the end of the season - with the victor being promoted to the PSL.

The loser of the "final" will play in mini-tournament play-offs against the two second-placed teams in each stream and the 15th-placed team on the PSL log.

The winner of this tournament will also be automatically promoted to the top flight.

The third-round draw format was also adopted by the meeting.

Other announcements on the day were:

lRadio rights:

The contract for the radio rights has been distributed to the clubs and it is up to the individual clubs to engage directly with their local radio stations.

lPlayer public relations programme:

Chief executive of the league Kjetil Siem has been assigned the task of establishing a programme through which players will be given lessons in public relations and management.

"Many of these players have signed endorsement agreements with corporates because of the high-profile nature of their jobs," Siem said. "So they are expected to act in a certain manner when dealing with the public, media and so on.

"We want to assist them by training them to handle their business properly."

lAndrew Dipela:

PSL general manager for football Andrew Dipela will be subjected to a formal disciplinary hearing in the first week of February.

The ExCo has considered the legal advice it has received from the league's attorneys and the allegations raised against Dipela.

He will be afforded the opportunity of presenting his defence before a neutral chairman to be appointed by the Arbitration Foundation of South Africa.

lReferees meeting with Safa:

There are a number of urgent issues that need to be sorted out, among them the question of whether to have full-time professional referees or not.

Another matter to be discussed is the proposed visit to clubs to educate players, technical team members and club officials more about the laws of the game.


The matter of sponsorship commissions was deferred to the second week of February while further legal advice is sought.

lGrant to Safpu:

The South African Football Players Union (Safpu) will be given a grant of R500000 by the league to assist them to kickstart their activities, specifically in relation to the Players' Provident Fund, medical aid and insurance.

The PSL will discuss the matter of a minimum wage with the union in a bargaining chamber at a later stage.


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