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Mkhwebane leaves Zuma‚ Van Rooyen interdicts

The new public protector says she will leave the dispute over the state capture report prepared by h.


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There's nothing worse than someone's face after they've opened a gift they didn't want. Fortunately, astrology can help.

There's nothing worse than someone's face after they've opened a gift they didn't want. Fortunately, astrology can help.


Talk about tough to buy for. Their planet - in charge of their likes and dislikes - is Mars, the ancient god of war. This does NOT mean you should be shopping at a gun show. You might, however, get a boxed collection of DVDs featuring their favourite alpha-male action celeb. Regardless of their sex, they're passionate, and love the colour red. So if you buy something sexy and red - well, you can't go wrong.


Taurus folks are easy to shop for. All they want is everything - and they're lovers, not fighters. They'd rather sit back and enjoy the absolute best the five senses can offer. Your mission, then, is to notice what they enjoy most - from coffee to fine wine to a particular place they adore . That's it. Once you figure it out - just give it to them, as elaborately as possible. See? A piece of cake.


Movement. Activity. Word games. Anything that activates the wings on their head and their feet is what they love. They're experts at cerebral skills and moving at speed, despite any alleged obstacle. That's why they get to you so quickly when you call: they memorise every possible short cut. Speaking of short cuts, what could be better than something for their vehicle. Oh, and put lots of crossword puzzles in their stockings.


Ordinarily, they would love nothing more than something to make their parties especially elegant. But, this month, red-hot Mars storms through their gentle sign, turning up their . well, libidos. If you're their partner, you definitely know what they'd like. If they're a relative or friend, find something they can share with a partner: candles, chocolates, romantic CDs - anything to make a delightful evening for two even more delightful.


Think royalty - because they do. It's no accident that the lion is plastered over crests from every country and century. Consider the regal factor - and that Leos love lions. Find something that reflects their lavish yet loving and protective nature. If they'd prefer an experience to an object, give them options. A small velvet box will work fine, but if you give them options, there'll be cause for much rejoicing in the kingdom.


They're tough to buy for, because they're so practical they own just about everything they could possibly need - but that's your first clue: It might not be what they want. They're experts at denying themselves anything frivolous. If you know them well enough to know they're frugal, then you also know what they tend to linger atwhen you're "just window-shopping". If you don't, pretend to shop for a friend, and see what they recommend. It's an old trick, but it works.


You need to remember that you're shopping for at least two. If they've got a family , you'll want something they can all enjoy. If they're attached, how about tickets for two to the hottest show in town? They love to go out and strut their stuff and their partner . Get them the show they'd prefer - not what you'd like to see. It's only fair. It's a gift, remember? Besides, imagine what they've lined up for you.


Don't even bother flipping through a catalogue - unless that's what they've asked for. The good news is that they'll let you know what they want, and they won't play games about it. They're not fond of surprises, so they won't play the "hint" game. If you do want to surprise them, then, follow their lead and take the idea one step further. You're guaranteed to have a very happy, intimate celebration. Enjoy.


Jupiter , their own planet and the king of the gods on Mt Olympus, is in their sign this season. You, the gift-giver, have your work cut out . Still, you don't have to worry that they'll stick their noses up at anything inexpensive, because that just won't happen. It truly is the thought that counts , so if you pay attention to what they like, but more importantly, where they'd like to be - you're in. For a lot longer than just a quick New Year's kiss, too.


Capricorns are more concerned with their sweethearts than they are with themselves this season. Not that that's anything different, but when it comes to gift buying, keep it in mind. Shop appropriately in pairs if you're after actual gift items, or looking to provide them with something they don't usually accept: a day, or even a weekend off. If you're the other half of the equation, relax. It's all good. Very good.


If it's something no one else you know owns - but they'd all love to have, if for no other reason than to show it off - then your shopping woes are over. You now have the one item you've been struggling to put on your shopping list. In fact, you've got the toughest gift of all taken care of, except for the actual buying of the gift itself. Better do that soon, though. If the rest of the world figures out your secret, it won't be as valuable.


Take a walk through the biggest, most popular metaphysical bookstore. The one where the door tinkles, there are feng shui mirrors, fountains, and lots of gorgeous crystals. With every possible book on astrology, numerology, the chakras, and herbs. If you can't choose, buy a gift voucher or, better still, buy a card, put the voucher inside with a note for lunch and-or dinner after you two go shopping together. Happy holidays. -


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