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55 life terms and more for SA's worst serial rapist

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Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

A Johannesburg high court judge yesterday described South Africa's worst serial rapist, Mongezi Jingxela, 39, as an arrogant and cruel monster who had no humanity.

This was before Judge George Maluleke sentenced Jingxela to a record 55 life terms for rape and a further 1092 years imprisonment for kidnapping, robbery, armed robbery, indecent assault and escaping from custody.

The sentences will, however, run concurrently . In effect, Jingxela will serve one life sentence plus 20 years in prison.

The judge also hinted in court how unfortunate it was that the only harshest punishment one can get in the country is a life sentence. Maluleke added that Jingxela's debt to society is far more than what he got.

Maluleke also described Jingxela as a charming, yet manipulative individual who would be kind one moment but immediately turn into a monster the next.

He said that through his charm, Jingxela was able to convince his victims to go with him to places where he would rape them, only to treat them like dogs when he was finished.

"You have shown no remorse for what you did. Instead, you continuously blame the victims for what you did to them. You even stood in court and accused the police of being incompetent because it took them a long time to catch you," said Maluleke.

The judge then lashed out at Jingxela, saying he had destroyed so many young women's lives and tarnished their future.

He said all the victims who testified in court had to relive the trauma they experienced during the rape.

"I can't recall a single witness who wasn't in tears when they testified. On top of that, you went on to offend them saying they were your girlfriends and that the sex was consensual," he said.

Maluleke said except for only two women, all the victims were tertiary students.

"On top of that, you stood in court and blamed your victims' parents for not raising them well, saying they should have been at school at the time when you raped them," he said.

Jingxela has been described as the worst serial rapist in South Africa ever. He embarked on a raping spree in 1994, operating in areas in and around Johannesburg.

He would lure his victims by offering them jobs, and then offering to take them to their new places of employment.

He would then lead them to a deserted place where he would rape them.


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