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Bafana, show the world Parreira's chutzpah

By unknown | Dec 13, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

When that multi-coloured flag of ours is fanned by western African winds in Ghana and as our boys sing (or don't sing) Nkosi Sikel' iAfrika naturally we will nurse some hopes.

When that multi-coloured flag of ours is fanned by western African winds in Ghana and as our boys sing (or don't sing) Nkosi Sikel' iAfrika naturally we will nurse some hopes.

It will therefore not matter much whether senior national soccer coach Carlos Alberto Parreira selected a good team in your view or not for the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations.

But I wonder if the coach really tossed a coin to decide whether to leave out Macbeth Sibaya or not.

On his day Sibaya can be a demon to the opposition.

Unfortunately, he is one of those experienced players dropped from the team. By the way, this 2002 World Cup player was also sidelined when we contested the Afcon tournament in Egypt last year.

Dare I remind you that possibly because of his absence and because of a pay rebellion by players, South Africa became a laughing stock in that event. This, contrary to a promising start when Ted Dumitru's young guns beat the host nation in a warm-up friendly.

Truth is that, more often than not, no coach selects according to the people's wishes. Parreira can't therefore be an exception to this unwritten rule.

The South African Football Association (Safa) this week sent a delegation to inspect the venues and hotels and we hope they will also make sure that the team is well taken care of in the tournament.

Back to Parreira. For me, he has shown a glimpse of a true leader by not being afraid to take unpopular decisions in his selection.

Could his decision of excluding experienced players be influenced by a lack of having "balls" as he alluded to after Bafana Bafana were blasted 3-1 by Zambia in the qualifying matches?

Hopefully he will stand and die by his decisions since he seems to believe in youth.

By the way don't they say "the eloquent man is he who is no beautiful speaker, but who is inwardly and desperately drunk with a certain belief".

Much as Parreira is not targetting a gold medal at the 2008 Afcon we, however, must make an impression as the world needs to be assured that we can also play good football.

On another football matter.

Who are Mamelodi Sundowns trying to fool, bagaetsho? And why do they also behave like it's a forgone conclusion that they have to win every match they play?

The PSL's disciplinary resolution committee earlier ruled that the signature purported by the club to belong to their former striker Jose Torrealba was forged following reports by two handwriting experts.

The Safa appeal board went on to uphold that decision.

Strangely thereafter Sundowns, per agreement, part ways with an "innocent" Afzal Khan - if we must believe that anyway.

Seemingly club president Patrice Motsepe is not aware that rather than protecting the image of Sundowns he is protecting an individual or people who have allegedly put football into disrepute.

Motsepe had anyway warned that heads would roll once this matter regarding Torrealba's signature was "concluded".

Why fire anyone (sorry, part ways with someone) when the case is still to go for arbbitration?

The truth, Mr Motsepe. We need the truth for the sake of the image of Bafana ba-Style!

One last matter. Motsepe needs to be applauded for investing millions of rands in Sundowns and also for spontaneously dishing out bonuses when needs be. This considering that when players retire they seldom have anything to show moneywise.

Curiously, though if not disappointingly, Motsepe, for a man of his stature, used a wrong forum to grill his technical team last Friday.

He publicly threatened to fire the entire technical team because of the team's recent dip in form.

What a chilly Christmas message for the shivering staff members and their families.

Motsepe probably did that because he wants to keep his supporters happy by running a perpetually successful team.

That's impossible. Ask Real Madrid, sir.

Maybe you should take a cue from Sir Winston Churchill who once said: "Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm."


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