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Toyota's new Ses'fikile is protective

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Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

Safety appears to be the key word with the introduction of Toyota's Ses'fikile minibus taxi.

Set to succeed the Hi-Ace Siyaya taxi, the Ses'fikile is based on the Quantum commuter bus and complies with the requirements of the Taxi Recapitalisation Programme.

Stressing that passenger safety is paramount, Toyota's chief engineer responsible for the Quantum, said:

"From the outset, excellent crash safety was an important target. Also important was the provision of the optimum amount of interior space.

"We had to rethink the whole impact absorbing process and come up with fresh ideas and a new structure that met our criteria for the Quantum.

"We developed new, two-layered, side members that are designed to absorb and disperse crash impact energy.

"We used the most advanced computer-aided engineering systems to optimise this structure and the door impact beams to limit intrusions.

"We also developed a mechanism that helps prevent the brake booster assembly from pushing into the steering column and the driver's footwell in the event of a severe frontal impact.

"Our goal of achieving top ratings in the class for safety was achieved."

The new Ses'fikile is a 14-seater and provides safety belts for every passenger.

The Taxi Recapitalisation Programme was first announced in 1999.

It was aimed at improving minibus taxi safety specifications, law enforcement, and industry empowerment.

Over an often painful gestation period, during which the programme has been continually fine tuned, the sector has arrived at a point where the scrapping of old and unroadworthy taxis in return for a scrapping allowance is a reality.

The new Ses'fikile retails for R208300, VAT included.


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