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Olomide's once-off sensual concert with chic, charm

By unknown | Dec 12, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

The African community in the country, particularly the Congolese and his South African fans, should be excited that Congolese star Kofi Olomide is in the country for a once-off performance next week.

The pan-African megastar will perform with his band Quartier Latin, at a one-night-only concert tomorrow at the Standard Bank Arena in Johannesburg.

Known under the various monikers of Golden Star, Rambo, Le Grand Ché, and most recently, Benoît XVI, Décakoraman and Grand Mopao, Olomide is one of Africa's biggest-selling artists, and one of the continent's most controversial performers. At the 2005 Kora Awards he was named "African Artist of the Decade".

Olomide was born Antoine Agbepa Mumba in 1956. His music career began during the late seventies after his return from France (where he graduated with a degree in business), as a featured musician in Papa Wemba's group, Viva La Musica.

Riding on the success of his 1983 debut album, Ngounda (The Exile), Olomide then set out to form his own backing band, Quartier Latin. In collaboration with Quartier Latin, he began to forge a new musical style, a form of "soukouss-love" inspired by the global success of Caribbean band Kassav's brand of "zouk-love".

Olomide's invention was a return to slower, melody-driven, 70s-style soukouss, using the latest studio technology to replace the big-band sound, and sprinkled with a mix of spoken and chanted lyrics with sexy baritone undertones.

He named this style "Tcha-tcho" and described it as "the school of good taste, chic and charm", which would allow audiences to rediscover the pleasures of dance, sensual rhythms with a touch of romance.


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