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Comrades Mosunkutu and Mabaso at each other's throats

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Simon Nare

Simon Nare

It is no holds barred between Gauteng Agriculture, Conservation and Environment MEC Khabisi Mosunkutu and his friend and comrade Bob Mabaso.

Mosunkutu has accused the provincial ANC of covering up in the sexual harassment and attempted rape case of his wife.

He has also taken a swipe at Mabaso, former Social Development MEC, saying he has been talking a lot of rubbish lately.

Mosunkutu, speaking for the first time since his wife levelled accusations of sexual harassment against Mabaso and members of the ANC executive who were protecting Mabaso.

Allegations were that he sexually harassed and attempted to rape the Reverend Nonqaba Mosunkutu.

Mabaso was last week cleared of any wrongdoing by an internal ANC investigation. The investigation said it found the allegations to be baseless.

The National Prosecution Authority had also earlier declined to prosecute Mabaso, saying the allegations should be investigated internally.

Mosunkutu yesterday described Mabaso as having been like a blood brother to him for 31 years.

"I had been aware of the SMS messages he was sending to my wife. I had also known about voicemail messages he was leaving her.

"I have been quiet because the ANC had told us to do so," an angry Mosunkuto said.

Mosunkutu said he and his wife were going to demand the records of the investigation by the ANC because he believed there was an overwhelming body of evidence against Mabaso.

"It is clear he has some friends within the provincial leadership who continue to protect him.

"He has been talking some rubbish and I think it is because some people have reassure him of their protection."

Mosunkutu questioned why the provincial leadership elected Mabaso as a member despite serious allegations against him.

He claimed that Mabaso did not step down willingly as he had led the public to believe. He stepped down because he realised there was overwhelming evidence against him in this matter.

Mosunkutu disputed the ANC's investigation findings on the matter.

"I can promise Mabaso there will be a retaliatory statement to deal with him. If the ANC says there is no basis for the case, I beg to differ.

"Why on earth would my wife destroy a friendship that was built in 30 years unless she is mad? She would not have invented those SMS messages," he said.

He said he was angry when the matter started but, through counselling he learnt to deal with it.

He added that he felt sorry for Mabaso's children and wife, given the fact that he raised his kids and Mabaso also did the same.

Of concern to Mosunkutu was that Mabaso was being allowed by the ANC to talk to the media even though an agreement was reached between the two families that the matter would be dealt with amicably.


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