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Even Oprah is left speechless

By unknown | Dec 03, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Oprah Winfrey was left stunned and speechless on her US talk show on Friday when Oscar winner Jammie Foxx made an unexpected appearance to perform with country trio Rascal Flatts.

Foxx, who recently confessed to having a crush on Winfrey, repeated his Country Music Association Awards collaboration with the group on the show - but no one told the host he'd be stepping out from the shadows.

The Oscar winner, who once shared a house with Rascal Flatts frontman Gary LeVox, joined the trio for She Goes All The Way, a song he performed with the group for its new album.

And a thrilled Winfrey, who was in the audience for the TV concert, cooed, "where did you come from?" before fawning at Foxx's feet.

Doe-eyed Winfrey just stood and stared as Foxx and LeVox duetted and then rushed up to hug Foxx as the show cut to commercials.

After composing herself, Winfrey revealed, "I am so surprised, I have a headache right now ... there is a rule in this company: you do not surprise me.

"How did this happen?"

LeVox insisted the Foxx surprise was a Christmas gift to Winfrey.

l Meanwhile, R&B star Chris Brown has denied reports he engaged in sexual activity with his longtime manager Tina Davis at the age of 16.

Georgia-based blogger Sandra Rose claims the 18-year-old singer has been romancing Davis for more than two years, adding the teenage star's mother Joyce is "not at all happy" about their alleged relationship.

But a spokesman for Brown has strongly refuted the claims, branding the speculation "false".

A statement read: "Chris Brown and his manager Tina Davis have a strictly professional relationship." -Wenn


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