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Modise hits back

By unknown | Nov 22, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Leseja Mokgata

Leseja Mokgata

Former Johnnic Holdings chief executive, Jacob Modise, yesterday hit back at the Nehawu Investments chairman Phillip Dexter over a claim that Modise had unethically acquired shares in ARB Electrical Wholesalers.

Modise refuted the allegations against him and said: " [I] had no dealings whatsoever with Nehawu Investment or its chairman Phillip Dexter."

"I was not invited into Tladi by anyone. We acquired, through our attorneys, a shelf company that we renamed Tladi. The company's registration documents will reflect that Phillip Dexter was not party to any of this. For Phillip Dexter to make these assertions when I have not even met the chap is preposterous in the extreme."


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