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Come clean on corruption - IFP

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Mhlaba Memela

Mhlaba Memela

IFP leader Lionel Mtshali has challenged KwaZulu-Natal Premier S'busiso Ndebele and his cabinet to release a forensic report on corruption in the province.

The report allegedly highlights overspending in the department of agriculture.

Mtshali's challenge comes shortly after he apologised to Ndebele for claiming that the premier was using public office to further his family's business interests.

He challenged the legislature to table the forensic report after the resignation of the department's head, Jabulani Mjwara, and chief financial officer, Petrus Mahlangu.

They are accused of mismanagement and overspending more than R1million. The two resigned before their disciplinary hearing was held. It is alleged that they persuaded senior officials to save them from prosecution.

Mtshali accused the ANC of secretive ways of governing the province that undermined Parliament's capacity for oversight.

He said there were a number of "pertinent" questions that remain unanswered.

"There has been an unjustifiable delay in the tabling of the forensic report on overspending and mismanagement. We urge the ruling party to state publicly when the report will be tabled and to come clean on the reasons for its delay," said Mtshali.

He said Ndebele should take full responsibility for the contents of the forensic report. He reiterated his belief that taking Parliament to the people was an ANC initiative that was a "blatant waste of the taxpayer's money".

He said Parliament had not been able to account adequately for many crucial administrative and financial aspects of this initiative before the standing committee on public accounts.

Mtshali said there were concerns about alleged tussles between health MEC Peggy Nkonyeni and the suspended head of department, Busi Nyembezi.

"We find it unacceptable that tussles between departmental leadership and management receive more executive attention than service delivery in a province hard-hit by HIV-Aids," Mtshali said.


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