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It doesn't step back for its big brother

By unknown | Nov 07, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Charl Wilken

The market for a second-hand medium- sized luxury sedan is very tough and it gets more difficult to choose one specific vehicle as most vehicles are equally reliable.

What one can do is buy a used vehicle which has been in the market for years and has a good track record from a reputable dealer.

Our used test car for this week is a good example of how well a used car can look after 75000km. It is a 2005 BMW 320i automatic which is in great condition inside and out. Not only does the car appear neat and clean, but the inside of our test car is as neat as a pin. What we like about used cars from Auto Pedigree is that they don't just take in any car. They have very strong requirements the cars should meet and thus you can be assured that the car you buy will be in great condition, mechanically as well.

Being a two-year-old car, one would almost expect to see some scratches on the leather interior and some parts of the doors.

The 3-series BMWs are known for their solid-build quality and this was once more made clear when driving this vehicle. Even when going over bumps or fast into corners, you'll notice how well-built this car really is.

The tyres will still be good for about another 10000km to 15000km.

The 320i might be the baby brother of all the 3-Series BMWs, but that doesn't mean it needs to step back in bigger company.

It has enough power to do almost any task and is still able to reach the 100kmh mark in less than 10 seconds. Power delivery for the four cylinder 2,0 litre engine stands at a more than healthy 110kW and 200Nm.

The engine uses a six-speed automatic gearbox with manual shift option to drive the power to the rear wheels. The engine has enough power to cruise at freeway speeds without a sweat and you won't have any problem when the need arises to overtake.

The 3-Series BMW is very popular with any kind of driver. Whether you are a mother or a young up-and- coming businessman, you will find the 320 perfect for most of your requirements in a car. There is enough room inside for all the kids and boot space for lots of groceries, yet it is compact and contemporary in design for the younger market out there.

Then of course, like any other BMW, this one oozes luxury.


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