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Sexwale will not 'betray' Mbeki or Zuma

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Waghied Misbach

Waghied Misbach

Businessman Tokyo Sexwale has not yet made his mind up as to whether he will accept to run for the ANC presidency if he were nominated.

Responding to questions at a Cape Town press club lunch yesterday, the billionaire businessman said he would decide only if he was nominated by the end of November.

Sexwale said he had been lobbied to accept the position, but he wanted to know what people expected from him.

He would only accept on condition that those who wanted him as leader had respect for former president Nelson Mandela's legacy of democracy, stability and reconciliation in the country, and were opposed to divisions based on tribalism, regionalism and ethnicity.

"So I am waiting for the nomination. When it comes I will either make an acceptance speech or I will decline," said the former Gauteng premier.

Sexwale was also critical of the manner in which the ANC ran the election of its leaders and called for a change to the ruling party's constitution to allow for more openness in campaigning.

"I cannot stand as a candidate and I hope that changes one day. I cannot run because there is no track record in the ANC. I'm uncomfortable that we just produce leaders without asking what they stand for," said Sexwale.

He said at the very least candidates should be allowed under the ANC's constitution to be able to express their views, including those on issues such as HIV-Aids and expanding the economy.

He said the party could not produce leaders simply by "osmosis or horse trading".

Sexwale also said he would not betray his comrades Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma in a possible run for office.

He said he did not want to make "a rush for the Union Buildings, with a dagger in my hand, dripping with the blood of my comrades".

Sexwale said he was concerned about the fight between ANC president Mbeki and his deputy, Zuma. He said it hurt to see the two fighting in this manner and hoped they could sit down and work out their problems. Their conflict was "demoralising" the ANC, he said.

Sexwale said the new government that was likely to be elected should reorganise the intelligence and crime-fighting agencies so that they were accountable to the people and not used to settle political scores.


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