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Arthur is childish - organiser

By unknown | Oct 26, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

An almighty spat has broken out between the Queen of Dance Competition organiser Jabu Mhlongo and the mercurial dancer Chomee.

Chomee was billed as part of the line-up in the Queen of Dance Summer Tour competition, but she failed to show up for two publicity shows.

Mhlongo says Chomee's manager Arthur Mafokate is childish because he showed up without Chomee for the second show.

Mafokate said Chomee had not signed a contract with the tour's organisers and that they had used her name to promote the show without her consent.

Mhlongo denied Mafokate's claims.

"Arthur sent us a contract. We signed it and sent it back to him, but he has not come back to us," Mhlongo said. "When we asked him about the contract he said he had faxed it [back] but we have not received it."

Mhlongo said Arthur had presented the organiser with impossible demands and had asked for absurdly high fees.

"If Arthur does not cooperate we will leave Chomee out of our show. There is plenty of other talent in South Africa," he said defiantly.

The Queen Of Dance Summer Tour is a 16-day roadshow on behalf of the Activism for Non-violence Against Women and Children campaign, which begins on November 25.

The tour will start in Johannesburg, then move to Mpumalanga, Durban and Port Elizabeth before proceeding to other centres.

Proceeds from the tour will go to charity.

The bill includes Kelly Khumalo, Khanyi Mbau, Bucie, Phumeza, Aya, Ayanda, Queen Sesoko, Ntumiseng, Zonke, Mshoza, Tina, Zandi and Bongi Dube. The line-up will also include female deejays DJ Zinhle, DJ Nqobile and DJ C'ndo.


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