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Humanity's quest to be techno-savvy backfires

By unknown | Oct 25, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I knew it!

I knew it!

Some 15 years ago when I told whoever cared to listen that humanity will eventually enslave itself in its rush to become techno-savvy, critics labelled me technophobic.

Technophobia my foot.

Cybernetic revolt is now here. Humanity can't go to the loo to relieve itself in peace without a damn mobile phone ringing.

The days when one took along a newspaper for a leisurely read in the "gents" or "ladies" are just fading memories of when life was gentler and the world at ease.

Now stockbrokers do their numbers with their pants down as they punch their palmtops and priests prepare their sermons with their frocks up.

What has the world of Methuselah come to?

I refuse to be sucked into this hedonistic culture of more for less, instant gratification.

Yes, I owned an ancient mobile that I purchased for less than 500 pounds in London some three years ago.

But laugh to your heart's content; I can't use the damn thing other than receiving or making a call on this contraption.

Laugh until your eyes water. Roll over in ecstasy, but I have never come around to learning how to send an SMS, nor have I mustered the art of....

Keamogela Seekooi, a young colleague, was horrified when I asked her what a "blue tooth", was.

"But you have it," was her response.

I had the urge to rush to the toilet mirror to open my mouth and check if this was true.

"Problem is," she said sarcastically, "it is people who can afford the technology who don't really need it."

By now she was eyeing my laptop, the pupils of her eyes shinning with pure greed.

Since they carted off my old Olivetti typewriter to the museum, I have been dragged, kicking and screaming, into this new thing called a laptop.

For the life of me, a computer used to be a monolith of a structure that covered a few blocks of a city and had the speed of a bloated cow.

Perhaps they should have left it at that.

Humanity doesn't learn. We have the knack to create Frankenstein monsters that eventually consume us whole.

Just this past week, a suspected Canadian paedophile was arrested while hiding in Thailand and accused of sexually abusing young boys.

And you guessed it, the man used the greatest technology ever invented, the worldwide web, to lure these kids to their doom.

The same web led to his unmasking and a date with the courts.

Now don't come here and tell me about iPods, MySpace and what have you.

Let me be.


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