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SAB MD Tony van Kralingen answers readers' questions

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How were beer sales last weekend?

How were beer sales last weekend?

Great! Especially Castle Lager, through our "Back the Boks" campaign. What an incredible time for all South Africans.

Given the tough trading conditions in the American beer market, do you regret buying Miller?

The Miller transaction gave the group an attractive position in the world's most profitable beer market, at the same time providing important currency diversification in earnings.

While the competitive environment has been tougher than anticipated, the spread of SABMiller's operations and its US operation has been of significant benefit in the subsequent expansion of the business around the world.

Drink Responsibly is a clever campaign encouraging drinking and putting the onus on the consumer. What plans do you have to cut violence and excessive drinking during the 2010 games?

SAB's efforts to educate consumers go some way beyond advertising campaigns and extend to partnerships with government and internal training.

However, the campaign is designed to encourage South Africans to consume our products in a responsible way and not to abuse them.

Will rival sponsorship in 2010 cost you market share in SA and elsewhere?

No, we don't expect the Fifa World Cup to have any impact on our market positions outside South Africa. At home, beer is mostly consumed in restaurants, bars, taverns and clubs, not at the stadium. We are very proud of our brands and our beers and we're confident that South Africans will take the opportunity to show all visitors everything good that our country has to offer - and that would include South African brands, especially Castle Lager.

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