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Naming just a blame game

By unknown | Oct 24, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

In Durban folks expressed mixed reactions to name changes.

"There's nothing wrong with the names. Why change them? There are better things to worry about," said Gito Baloyi, 27.

Thabani Shange said any changes would be confusing. "We don't need that a few years from the World Cup."

Sakhile Mgobhozi, a Grade 11 pupil, asked "What should they be changed to?"

Zandile and Zime Ngcobo said: "President Mbeki is not the person to propose changes. He is in charge of running the country, not football or sports."

Basheer Sayed said: "We need to give them a name that will give us dignity. They sound more like a small boys' team and we don't want that."

Zandile Mthethwa said: "The Boks did not win because of a name. The government should spend more time developing soccer than worrying about a name."


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