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'Scandal' hangs dirty linen minus Dlamini

By unknown | Oct 19, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

News of the departure of Luthuli Dlamini - who acted the role of Stan Nyathi in Scandal - left many with doubts about the future of the drama series.

Dlamini was fired from the soapie after he allegedly did not turn up for work for two weeks. His excuse at the time was that he had to tend to his ill mother in the UK.

Shortly before he disappeared from the soapie, Nyathi was flirting with Nadia, who was just about to finish her contract at NZ Holdings. She too left just after he had gone.

Nyathi having been taken in by Nadia's beauty asks her to return to Scandal! Magazine and she agrees. On Nadia's return Nyathi asks her out. She can't refuse, so they started dating.

In the meantime, Sakhani, one of Laqhasha's reshuffling victims, takes the newsroom hostage, to get Eddie to expose Laqhasha, and accidentally shoots Tino.

Abbey hears that her son Tino has been shot and is in a critical condition and decides to go inside to try and save him. She makes a deal with Mo and the latter kills Sakhani.

But Tino seemed to have overheard them as her mother confessed to being Laqhasha.

But will he remember when he eventually comes around?

Luthuli Dlamini acted as a NZ Holdings shareholder and editor of The Voice.


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