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Lowdown on understanding the game

By unknown | Oct 19, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Bruce Fraser

Bruce Fraser

The game of rugby and its rules tends to confuse a great number of people, but if you follow a few simple pointers it's actually quite an easy game to learn.

l The basic idea of the game is to score a try. This means placing the ball behind the opposition's goal line and will earn your team five points.

l After a try has been scored you have a conversion when a designated kicker tries to kick the ball between the uprights of the posts. This earns you two points.

l An indiscretion by an opponent might result in the referee awarding your side a penalty. If it is within kicking distance of the posts you may attempt a kick. If successful, you get three points.

l To recap - a try is five points, a conversion two and a penalty three.

l A team consists of 15 players - 8 forwards and 7 backs. The forwards take part in the scrums and line-outs and the backs position themselves across the field.

l In rugby you have seven replacements on the bench. The coach can bring on his replacements at any time during the game and it is often a tactical move. If he feels a player is not performing or is tired he will substitute him.

l The game is divided into two halves of 40 minutes each - with a 10-minute break at half-time. Extra time will be played in tomorrow's final if the game results in a draw.

See pages 45 and 48


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