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Sasol CEO Pat Davies answers readers' questions

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What is Sasol's production cost per barrel of oil in US dollars? - Phiroshaw Camay

What is Sasol's production cost per barrel of oil in US dollars? - Phiroshaw Camay

We don't discuss our production costs per barrel of oil in monetary terms for strategic and commercial reasons. What we can say is that fuel from coal production at any new coal-to-liquids plant only becomes commercially viable at an oil price above $50 a barrel.

The Sasol Secunda plant is one of the largest, if not the largest, point source of carbon dioxide (CO²) in the world. Is Sasol doing any research on carbon capture and sequestration? - Janneke Weidema

Sasol is investigating opportunities for CO² capture and storage. An advantage with our processes is that they emit a large proportion of CO² in a concentrated form in one place, allowing us to deal with emissions effectively at the location. Sasol's next coal-to-liquids plant will have the potential to capture nearly 50percent of its CO².

Will Sasol commit to adopting the Gold Standard ( for any Clean Development Mechanism projects? - Richard Worthington, Earthlife Africa

Sasol has learned much from and applied many aspects of the Gold Standard, but there are certain conditions to which we do not fully subscribe.

What will it take for a company to be a service provider to Sasol in the area of fast moving consumer goods convenient stores? - Howard Mokoena

Sasol is still fairly new in the fast moving consumer goods market and we are making use of consulting firms to assist with the evaluation, recording and recommendation of stock availability for our convenience stores. All service providers that are interested in doing business with Sasol can submit their business profiles to the Procurement Department for consideration when opportunities arise to appoint a new service provider.

Are you willing to make public your donations to political parties? - Phiroshaw Camay

Sasol does not donate money to political parties.

What health and safety measures are being adopted by Sasol? - Phiroshaw Camay

Sasol's safety performance, as measured by the internationally recognised Recordable Case Rate, has continued to improve and is now the best it has been for years. We intend sustaining these improvements to reach world-class safety levels in line with our values.

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