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Eskom assures

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Vusi Ndlovu

Vusi Ndlovu

Electricity consumers can rest assured that power interruptions, which plunged the country into chaos last week, are under control - at least for now.

National electricity producer and supplier Eskom said yesterday it had stopped load-shedding and the situation was back to normal.

Eskom said it had managed to restore faulty power stations and meet the high demand.

Eskom spokesman Fani Zulu said: "We started load-shedding on Tuesday last week and stopped it on Thursday evening.

"Everything is under control, though we cannot rule out the possibility of another load-shedding operation.

"It is determined by circumstances prevailing at the time. But we are not expecting to do it this week," said Zulu.

He said last week's load-shedding was as a result of the cold and wet weather, which caused a 20percent power shortage.

"It was cold and people used a lots of heaters. They also used lot of lights during the day instead of the natural light.

"This in turn caused the demand to rise as coal, which is used to generate electricity, was wet making it difficult to produce the needed power to meet the demand," said Zulu.

Zulu, however, said that power outages common in areas such as Johannesburg and Cape Town could not be linked to load-shedding.

"That could be the result of technical problems in those particular areas," he said.

Louis Pieterse, a spokesman for City Power, a Johannesburg electricity utility, said power failures were mainly due to theft of electricity cables, damage caused by contractors while working in some areas or old electricity equipment.

Charles Kadalie of the Cape Town Electricity Service said the situation was not a crisis. He cited theft of cables and vandalism as a cause.

Transnet Freight Rail has not recovered from last week's load-shedding operations.

The parastatal's freight rail unit had to cancel 89 of its trains, including those transporting goods, steel and coal, when it was unable to operate efficiently because of the power interruptions.

Transnet spokesman Molatwane Lekhethe yesterday said the company hoped operations would return to normal later today.


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